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ItsDeductible + TurboTax

In 1999, Gordon was working in a consulting company he founded with a group of partners. The company focused on industrial engineering and software development for its clients. Although the company was doing well, the partners wanted to create a new product they could sell to the mass market, increase revenues and earn a continual profit. After an ideation and brainstorming session, the partners landed on a tax software product to service an estimated twenty million Americans. After a year of hard work and an initial angel investment, Income Dynamics, Inc. was formed under Gordon Whitten’s leadership as the co-founder and CEO. Its principal product, ItsDeductible software, is both a program and book allowing consumers to value household goods donated to charity according to IRS guidelines.

Gordon acquired $3.5 million angel investment to develop and market ItsDeductible and he secured national partnerships with H&R Block and then Intuit. In 2003, Gordon sold Income Dynamics, Inc. to Intuit.